You can also split and double. When you split, you often get two rose card or a value of the king who is approaching 20 Splitter these, you have the opportunity to win two hands, and possibly risking the one to save the other. You run the risk of course losing both hands also, for example, if the dealer gets a blackjack and not one of your hands wins. You can play top games at and win huge.

When dual-function pops up, you can choose to double your bet. This is something you need to think carefully about. When you double your bet on the game, you only get one soon. If you are a fraction of doubt this pays off, leave it be. In some situations you may want to use double if you have a rose card or the like, but you can for example also risk getting a deuce to pass - and the likelihood that the dealer is unable to turn 12 is quite large.

The dealer must stand or draw on specific values​​. It's just that you can utilize when playing. The rules here are really very simple, but we have the impression that this is exactly where many laggards. Blackjack rules are not difficult, but there are some things to watch out for, and we believe this here is some of the very, very important.

The dealer must draw additional cards until 16 in value. When he gets 17 in value, he can no longer draw a card. Therefore, you must look at the cards to the dealer every time you decide something. Have the dealer tricky short, it may well be his buster early - and that, for example, winning 12 of the value that we touched on a little further up in the article. More difficult is it actually does, but it's extremely important that you are absolutely sure these rules. Svensk Blackjack Casino rules are pretty standard, but may vary from casino to casino. Been therefore particularly wary when going to new places to play, and feel free to read through the terms and rules to be 100% secure.